DDoS protection has been playing an increasingly important role in the hosting of websites and web services for some time now. Especially due to the increased use of IOT hardware, it is possible for hackers to build large networks of hijacked devices. These networks can then be used to launch DDoS attacks against a wide variety of websites. This is also a real danger for Greenlands.

Tech Architecture

Since Greenlands is still at the very beginning of its creation, the tech architecture is not yet very developed. However, a distinction must be made between the landing page and the webapp…

Introduction: Our product

Greenlands — We make your environment bloom! This is our slogan for the Greenlands company. Greenlands’ mission is to improve the environment and the biodiversity. We rely mainly on regional partners. We want to promote biodiversity specifically by planting flower meadows. This benefits especially insects, which feed on the flowers. But the biodiversity does not only end with the insects, the flower meadows promote themselves even more profoundly. The various insects in turn attract other animals, such as birds, which in turn also attract other animals. …

Kristof Alex

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